Saturday, July 30, 2011

"That's Not the Way We Do it in South Carolina!"

2 days (18 hours in the car) later!
Our family theme for July was "transitions".  The first 3 years that Kris and I were married, we moved 8 times through 2 states and 3 countries!  We were no strangers to moving.  However, after 7 years in our South Carolina home, I'd forgotten a lot about moving, and really had no idea how to move with kids!  All I can say is that by God's grace and some amazing, hard-working friends, we managed to get rid of most of our stuff and move to Texas.  We had a great, non-eventful drive to Texas (although Elyse's hair did not fair so well)! 

Finally, the sign we've been wanting to see!
There are many things that we miss about our lives in South Carolina like our friends, church family, Publix, and the Pampered Chef kitchen stuff I didn't bring (okay, the last two categories are just mine)!  Even though we miss our special people, places and things, God has blessed us with so much.  He has blessed us with more friends (and friends for our kids), a nice place to live on campus, great childcare while we're in class, and free Panara bread delivered to the school every Monday (hey, it's the little things)...oh, and Legoland (that was Kieran's addition)! 

We're all transitioning pretty well, but every now and then the weight of the move hits one of us.  A couple of nights ago, I was putting Kieran to bed and he was telling me about his day.  All of a sudden he got tears in his eyes.  He said that they had sung "The B-I-B-L-E" at school that day.  Then he said, "but at the end they yelled 'BIBLE!' and that is NOT the way we do it in South Carolina!"  I have a feeling that this small little addition to the end of a song represented a lot of other things that were different between Texas and South Carolina.  So, we snuggled and cried together.  The next morning the differences were forgotten, and he was excited about going to school.  Transitions are challenging, but I'm sure once Kieran teaches these Texans how things are done, everything will be just fine!