Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Me of Little Faith!

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Since Kris and I began this journey with Wycliffe Bible Translators almost a year ago, we've been asked a lot of questions.  Where are you going to live when you get to Mexico?  What are you taking with you?  How long are you going to stay?  What are you going to do with all your stuff?  While these are all great questions, the truth is, we don't know the answers to most of these questions.  All we know is that God has called us to go, He is working out the details, and despite my bad habit of worrying, He is going to continue to work out the details.
The best example I have is that of our house.  A couple of months ago, I was reading an article on the computer about how bad the housing market is (like I needed a reminder).  We had just met with a realtor about putting our house on the market and, to be honest, I really didn't think it was possible for us to sell our house and close before we left for Texas in July.  In fact, I was already thinking about possible alternatives.  Maybe we should go ahead and put up a "for rent" sign, just in case it doesn't sell.  Oh ye (me) of little faith...Two weeks after we put our house on the market, we had an offer.  Three days later we had a contract.  If selling the house wasn't enough of a miracle, we then found out that it was a cash offer and that we could close on July 8th and hand over the keys as we drive off to Texas on the 10th.  Yes, we are still in shock, but I know we shouldn't be.  God is bigger than a slow market and His timing is perfect.
So, day by day, as we continue to pack up the few things we are taking with us, we'll do the best we can to answer all the questions.  Although, at the end of the day, all we can do is trust God.  Tonight I was reading a selection from Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest and wanted to share a passage:
One of the difficulties in Christian work is the question- "What do you expect to do?"  You do not know what you are going to do; the only thing you know is that God knows what He is doing...Have you been asking God what He is going to do?  He will never tell you.  God does not tell you what He is going to do;  He reveals to you Who He is.  Do you believe in a miracle-working God, and will you go out in surrender to Him until you are not surprised an atom at anything He does?  

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Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Your blog looks great. We are so proud of you guys, and we are inspired by the faith you show daily in your quest to follow God's calling.