Saturday, October 29, 2011

Market Day!

After a great week of classes, it was very nice to sleep in this morning and relax a little.  I still wasn’t feeling very well, so Kris let me sleep a little longer.  After breakfast and a video chat with our family in Idaho (technology is wonderful), we decided to head to the market downtown.   

Saturday is market day for the town of Mitla where we are staying.  The main square downtown was transformed into hundreds of little stalls selling everything from fruits and vegetables to fresh meat and dried fish.   This weekend starts the celebrations for Day of the Dead and many of the stalls were selling products related to that celebration such as pan de muerto, oranges, apples, flowers, and sweets.  The women were dressed in colorful dresses and men carried huge baskets on their backs.  We ended up buying some sausage for a cookout tonight and some ice cream.  For lunch we had fried cheese and chicken empanadas that were very delicious.   We saw the famous fried grasshoppers but decided to wait on that delicacy! 

Showing off their market finds!
  Kieran thought that everyone in Mexico seemed very busy and decided they should spend more time just relaxing and playing! The kids were quite excited to see cotton candy which included vampire teeth and Dora/Diego play pesos!  Elyse was a popular sight for everyone at the market.  The ladies commented on how beautiful she was, and we noticed a lot of pointing and smiling from people walking past! 

Guarding the grill
The evening ended with a nice cookout with our fellow new arrivals here on campus with all our tasty treasures found at the market.  We had cheese quesadillas made with Oaxaca string cheese, stuffed peppers, chorizo (sausage), chicken, salsa, chips, guacamole, and flan.  Then, of course, we had a few American staples like hot dogs, mac and cheese, and French fries – a true blending of culinary cultures! 

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