Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Cup -  Kieran's Idea
This is Kieran and here's what you need to make this cute Thanksgiving cup.  You need a plastic cup, brown paint, brown construction paper and a yellow marker, scissors, glue and a black marker and white paper.  Now let's learn how to make it!  Get the plastic cup and paint it.  Then let the paint dry.  When the paint is done drying, cut out some feathers like the picture.  And, then glue them on.  If the glue doesn't stick, then I would put some extra tape to stick it onto the cup.  Then cut out a circle (about a medium size circle).  Then get some yellow construction paper and cut out a little triangle.  Next you cut out two circles with the white paper.  Then with the white paper, cut out a little hat.  Next, you color the bottom part with the black marker and then make a little line with the yellow marker.  Do the top black.  Oh and I forgot to mention, for the eye balls, do little dots with the black marker.  Finally, glue the face and the hat.  The hat goes on the top of the head.  The head goes on the front of the cup (not in the middle of the cup). 
Our Thanksgiving Tree- We have lots more leaves to add! 

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