Monday, June 3, 2013

Insectos Mexicanos!

I assume that even if you don't speak Spanish you will understand the title of this entry!  Last week we celebrated 10 months in Mexico.  Time has truly flown by!  We have learned so much in these past 10 months about our new home...the language, the culture, the food...and the BUGS!  Actually, I shouldn't limit it to just insects.  We've been introduced to all kinds of new creatures. I've shared some of these pictures on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure I had them all in one place so we could appreciate them a little more! 

Remember our friend the tarantula from this past fall?  Yes, this was one of my favorites...

Thankfully, the dry season seemed to hide away many of the creepy crawlies.  We experienced the "regular" types of bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, and various kinds of beetles.  The real fun has come these last few weeks with the onset of the rainy season.  Evidently, the first hard rains seem to be the signal for various types of creatures to emerge from their homes...into our home!  

Our first sign was that of the bug catcher...otherwise known as a gecko.

We've named him Gary.  Unfortunately, he does not speak with a British accent like the one from the Geico commercials...probably since this one is Mexican. 

The next creature was a bit too dangerous for Gary.  However, he was no match for a big shoe!  Sorry, Mr. Scorpion! 

Just when we thought our visitors were limited to crawling around, the flyers entered the picture.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the swarms of flying ants that took over our house one evening.  I was too busy swatting and sweeping to take any photos.  However, the next night did not disappoint when we heard flapping in the hallway and saw this big guy hanging out on the wall.  I've seen smaller birds! 

 Last, but not least, we have a different kind of flying ant.  Evidently, these large ants called chicatanas are edible!  Yes, you read correctly!  Here in Oaxaca (so I hear), people catch these this time of year, take off the wings (obviously), roast them and then grind them up into a salsa.  If you prefer, you can just sprinkle on a little chili powder and snack on them.  Who's ready for lunch (I put the peanut shell down for a size reference)? 

 I hope you've enjoyed our little walk on the wild side.  If you have any budding entomologists in your family, send them down for a visit! 

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