Saturday, June 14, 2014

Date Night, Dancing and a Good Dose of Mangos!

Here is a little photo update of our last trip to the village. 

Kieran and Elyse set up a date night for us.  Kieran made spaghetti and Elyse set up the table and waited on us. Very Romantic! 

One of our favorite things about Mexico is yummy fruit! 

Right now it is mango season and the kids have learned how to peel and eat the whole thing!

Sunday mornings we have Sunday School for our kids (in English) before the village church meets in the afternoon.  Kieran drew the baptism of Jesus for our lesson. 

Elyse loves to dance!  We may not be in a place to get lessons, but she takes what she remembers from her five months of ballet classes when she was three and makes up the rest. 

Sometimes she puts on music and dances on the porch.  The children from the village come to the gate and enjoy the show!

Last but not Mother's Day present was a small washing machine for the village.  We still have to carry in buckets of water to fill it and then carry out the water again after it drains, but it still make laundry much easier. 

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