Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Simple Living

Last night Kris took me to the Keith and Kristyn Getty concert in Greenville.  The Gettys are probably my favorite singer/songerwriters and have written some of the best modern hymns of our time.  Many of the songs they sang touched me, but the words of one song really caught my attention.  This time of year it is very easy to get caught up with all the sales and commercials.  Even though we have limited our purchases this year, I still find myself looking at ads saying, "Wow, that is such a good deal." or "Maybe they just need one more present."  I've decided to print out the words to this song and make this my prayer.  The chorus goes like this:

Oh teach me Lord to walk this road,
The road of simple living;
To be content with what I own
And generous in giving.

And when I cling to what I have
Please wrest it quickly from my grasp
I'd rather lose all the things of earth
To gain the things of heaven.
For some reason, this burro we met on the side of the road in Mexico seems like a good image for simple living!

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Rebecca said...

Loved hearing them sing that a month or so ago! Such truth! Thank you for being a testimony of truth to so many!