Monday, July 8, 2013

Making Memories Monday - 4th of July and a Bonk on the Head!

If you ask Elyse about our first 4th of July in Mexico, her memories may be a bit fuzzy!  We knew we weren't going to have the normal pomp and circumstance of a 4th of July in the States, but we were not expecting to spend the day icing down a head!  The first part of the day was business as usual - 2 hours with my Spanish tutor and then homeschool.  That afternoon, we decided to grab a bite to eat before going to explore a new (to us) park here in Oaxaca.  Just before we left, Elyse was spinning around on a desk chair and fell off on her head. If you know Elyse, you know that she has a close relationship with floors and walls!  Bless her heart.

What a sad face...but wait...
So, instead of the park, Kris ran to McDonalds (that was the extent of our American celebration) to get some happy meals, and Elyse snuggled on mommy's lap while I kept an ice pack on her head.

I think someone is being silly!
She had quite a goose egg and a bit of a headache for the rest of the afternoon.  By bedtime, she was back to her old self! 

Our sweet smile is back again.
Thankfully, day 2 of celebrations went much better. We joined some new friends for some BBQ (southern style) and great fellowship!

It rained almost the whole time we were there, but that did not hinder the celebration.

What a blessing!  The kids made some new friends and are ready to set up a play date very soon.

These two didn't stop talking all during dinner.  They made lots of invention plans!

And these two just wanted to be silly!
Oh, did we mention the good Southern food we got to eat?  Here is my dessert plate with homemade banana pudding, cherry pie, and coca-cola chocolate cake!

Elyse and Kieran both enjoyed the flag cake complete with fresh blueberries (which are rare treasures here)!  

The Spread - BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, watermelon, and, of course, the dessert table!
And a rare picture of mom and dad together!  Kieran wanted to take a picture.  Now we have proof we were there!
We pray you enjoyed making memories with your family and friends this past holiday weekend!

Thank you, God, for bringing us to this place to serve, and we also thank you for our home country where we were blessed with the freedom to worship you openly.  God bless America.  Amen

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